Improve your results with an adapted offer

Two Sips offers were developed so as to answer to your specific needs and help you find all the features required for your activity.

Sips Easy

For start-ups and small businesses

  • Payment page hosted  by Worldline

  • Extranet for transaction management

  • Mail support and hotline


    Sips Advanced

    For large and medium businesses

  • Payment page on your website (iFrame mode or completely integrated for PCI/DSS certified merchants)

  • Merchant Wallet

  • Extranet and/or online machine to machine for transaction management

  • Mail support, hotline or dedicated support analyst


    A secured and robust platform, availability rate over 99.95% in 2013

    The Sips proposition includes all features and services to help you enhance your sales and improve your conversion rate:

    • Payment channels: web, mobile, tablet
    • Multiple payment types *
    • Multiple collection methods
    • Multiple currencies
    • Multiple languages
    • Security and standard anti-fraud tool
    • Operations and transactions reports, email notifications

    Options available for all offers:

    • Payment channels: in-app, IVR, invoices, point of sale
    • Scoring anti-fraud tool
    • Offline machine to machine transaction management
    • Reporting tool: Payment reconciliation and chargeback reports with SMS notifications

    You own a network of web shops?

    Sips can support you in the development of consistent payment pages for all your web shops. 

    You have a specific need?

    With nearly 20 years experience in online payment, Worldline is able to support you in your specific projects, to innovate and to develop adapted solutions to your activity.