Benefit from an easy transaction management

Sips transaction management tool helps you control all transactions and offers an added value service to your customers with many options.

A unique tool…


… to control all your transactions

Creation: create transactions to invoice your customers by email or phone.

Validation: manually or automatically validate transactions to invoice your customers at the right time.

Cancellation: partially or completely cancel transactions before your customers are invoiced.

Refund: partially or completely refund your customers in case the order does not suit them, or is not totally available.

Duplication: use passed transactions to create new ones and adapt frequency and amounts to recurrently invoice your customers.

Adapt your transaction management to your activity

Via Extranet

If you process small amounts of transactions, cash operations can be managed manually via our customer-friendly extranet. 

Machine to Machine mode

If you deal with high volumes of transactions, you can choose to send to Sips' servers all the transactions in real time via a machine to machine communication.  

Batch mode

You also can choose the batch mode if you deal with large amounts of transactions. They are sent to a secured FTP server and processed once in a day.