Efficiently fight against fraud

Sips provides you with 3 levels of security tools to control the fraud on your website

3D Secure

Benefit from the 3D Secure program for cardholder authentication, powered by VISA and MasterCard. It helps you to reduce fraud rate with a reinforced authentication and protects you against the default of your customers as the responsibility is transferred to the bank. 

Verified by Visa  MasterCard SecureCode


Go - No - Go

Sips also provides you with a simple and customizable anti-fraud tool that takes into account a list of criteria to assess the reliability of the payment.

A succession of binary controls, ranked in order of priority is processed to qualify the payment so as to accept it or to reject it. 

Score Business

A dynamic scoring tool is also available on Sips to help you reduce fraud rate.
The tool evaluates each criteria you have chosen generating a score and, according to the tolerance you fixed, the scoring tool validates or rejects the payment. You have the possibility to change your criteria and the tolerance you fixed in order to adjust your fraud control. 

Worldline Fraud Risk Management for e-merchants