Follow and control your activity

Sips online reports help you follow the flow of transactions in order to control your activity in real time


Real time answers

Sips sends you the payment request result for each transaction. 

Payment confirmation

Once the payment is accepted, Sips can send a confirmation to your customer via email or SMS and  display the payment confirmation on the web, mobile or via the IVR.

Online diagnosis

Get information and status about any transaction thanks to our diagnosis tool.

Customer-friendly extranet

The extranet provided by Sips is easy to use and intuitive for researching transactions with references, periods, payment type…


Transactions and operations reports

Sips helps you follow precisely your activity thanks to a daily report of your customers transactions and of all the operations you processed thanks to the integrated cash management tools.

Payment reconciliation reports

A must-have report for merchants processing high volume of transactions, to match orders with their payment statuses.

Expired payment types report

Every month, Sips sends you the list of all the cards registered in your merchant wallet that will soon expire. Don’t miss a transaction.