The challenges is one of the major actors in event-driven online sales of fashion and decoration. With a thriving activity, it is crucial for to secure its customers’ payments and their bank data.

The solution

Sips by Worldline is a solution combining traditional payment types like cards with innovative ones like mobile payment and prepaid service: customers can choose their preferred payment type. Sips payment platform is also offering  one-click payment through its wallet. One-click speeds up the purchasing process, and drives repeat sales as customers do not need to enter a second time their payment information.


Sips teams are aware of confidentiality issues regarding customer’s card data and offers a completely secured solution so as to protect them. Sips also provides with anti-fraud tools like 3D Secure, reinforcing cardholder authentication and a scoring tool enabling to choose the right criteria so as to reduce losses. homepage

The results

Sips helped to create a smooth purchasing experience for BazarChic’s customers thanks to the one-click payment and to a web responsive payment page optimized for all devices. 



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