Payment Types & Acquirers

Adapt your offer to your customers’ contexts and expectations

Adapt your offer to your customers’ contexts and expectations



Sips payment gateway offers you to choose among a large number of payment types so as you can offer the right ones to your customers according to the country and to local payment demands.



Enable your activity to expand internationally with pan-European payment types




VISA V PAY MasterCard Maestro JCB Dinner Club International

Bank transfers





MasterPass PayPal


Adapt your offer to local payment uses and schemes


Depending on the country, local payment demandss can be very different from other countries. Sips provides you with a large choice of payment types so as you can easily develop your business abroad and offer the most common payment types in the countries covered.




50+ payment types available


Benefit from our large acquirers’ network


Sips integrates 110 acquirers in 40+ countries. Each merchant is free to choose among an extensive range of banks or acquirers according to his needs and existing contracts. You can contact us to know the full list of our payment types/acquirers connections.


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